Welcome to Abba Salon and Spa's online studio!!
At Abba Salon and Spa, our professional stylists are dedicated to providing the finest beauty services and products available. Our services include, but not limited to, cuts, color and color correction, styling, waxing, threading, perm and magic straight perm, permanent make up and much more at reasonable prices. For complete list of services and prices, please visit our Products and Services page. And as ALWAYS, the products and services offered at Abba Salon and Spa by Soon or Susan are backed by satisfaction guarantee. The experienced professionals at Abba will help you find your look and feel beautiful. So call today to make an appointment and begin your journey to discovering yourself.
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Find your look....
Find yourself....
and Feel BEAUTIFUL....
Because you are......

Abba Salon and Spa
By Soon or Susan
1260 Lake Blvd. #114
Davis, CA

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